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Finding the Best Watering Hoses

A watering hose is important for any garden small or large. If you think hoses, the next moment you will see entire aisles in stores devoted to hoses. This means with a proper understanding of the aforesaid you’re sure to be able to find exactly what you need. But how do you know which hose is right for you? Here is a guide which will help you select the best watering hoses from the thousands of options.

Material of watering hoses: is one of the most important considerations while buying. It is seen that rubber hoses last longest, but rubber hoses with a vinyl exterior are sturdy and cost much less. Most of the watering hoses are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with additives for flexibility, resistance to abrasion and sunlight, and colorants.

Couplings in watering hoses: indicate quality of the hoses. The better couplings are thick, and are made of brass with an octagonal shape to make them easier to tighten and a heavier swivel on the female end. A cast coupling, compared to the one that is extruded and stamped, proves to be more durable. Another popular choice is the round brass, followed by galvanized steel and last some of the buyers also prefer plastic.

Attachments and uses of watering hoses: is another important criteria wherein you can decide for the watering hose. Proper attachments allow you to put water precisely where it’s needed the most.

Cost & maintenance of watering hoses: both of these factors are equally important while deciding watering hoses for your garden. Cost is subdued by low maintenance and hence a watering hose is best if it requires low maintenance.

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