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Reputed Everlasting Garden Hose from Gilmour

Everlasting Garden Hose is one of the most popular water hoses on the market. People just go and purchase this hose simply because of the brand name and reputation for being an excellent product. Everlasting Garden Hose from Gilmour is highly rated mainly due to the 8-Ply construction and structure of the hose.

From among the range of water hoses Everlasting remains a quality hose reel for gardens and commercial uses. This premium product gets stocked readily by distributors including G B Rittenhouse. It is the only 8-ply hose on the market that is kink resistant with heavy duty brass fittings and several essential features.

This will in all probability be the last hose that you will ever buy. Everlasting Garden Hose can withstand pressure up to 500 psi. Even with its superior strength, it remains lightweight, flexible and easy to coil. This heavy-duty garden hose stays flexible in cold weather too. It comes in 50 and 100 feet lengths with 3/4 and 5/8 inches diameters, respectively.

This hose is definitely top in quality and caliber. The heavy duty collar helps to avoid kinks near to the faucet connection and with a 500+ psi burst strength, it comes in an enduring green coating that can resist abrasive wear and mold. With brass couplings, this is a guaranteed product that you just cannot go wrong with.

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