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Water Hoses

Q: What would be the best material for the water hose?
Water hoses are made of different materials like nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, PVC and synthetic or natural rubbers. They are also now being made of PTFE or Teflon and stainless steel. Fire departments use hoses made of cloth or fiber. The materials certainly make a big difference to application and its useful choosing the best.

Heavy duty rubber or PVC garden hoses are better as they last longer under normal use, than inexpensive polyurethane, plastic or vinyl hoses. Good quality hoses are reinforced with multiple layers. Hose material that is single layer is much more likely to kink. A rubber hose may kink occasionally, but untwisting the hose or giving it a good shake will release the kink once and for all.
Q: What are the different kinds of water hoses?
Water hoses can be chosen depending on purpose of usage. Different kinds of hoses are available like general-purpose, drip, high-pressure or hot water hoses. They are largely made of rubber, vinyl or a combination of both, and can be reinforced with tire cord fiber. General-purpose water hoses with 5/8 inch diameter allow free streaming water. Soaker hoses are efficient for small garden areas.

High-pressure hoses make watering quick work and hot water-pressure washer hoses can take up to 310 degrees F of hot water. Constructed of high strength steel wire braid they have seamless inner tubes. Vinyl hosing with rubber reinforcement is the best choice while f lat hoses being collapsible make for easy storage.
Q: Who makes the best water hoses?
While water sprinklers are great for potted plants you will need a water hose for looking after a garden to do a better job. The hose needs to allow more water running through freely. You should choose hoses with greater diameters that have greater allowance for water flow. Generally the measure is 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch. Here are the best makes of water hoses.

  • ♦ Gilmour 20-58100 20 Series Platinum 5/8”X 100’ 8-Ply Flexogen Hoses
  • ♦ Ames True Temper 2388100 65-Foot Cassette Hose King Reel
  • ♦ Apex 6612-50 AquaPure Neverkink  9/16-Inch by 50-Foot Garden Hose
  • ♦ Colorite Element ELCF34100 Lead Free, Kink Free ¾”X 100’Garden Hose, Brick
  • ♦ Plastair SpringHose Deluxe PUW850B94H-AMZ ½”X 50‘ Polyurethane Coil Hose - Green
Q: What are decorative accessories for garden water hoses?
It is useful to invest in decorative water hose accessories. Hoses essential for watering can be an eyesore at the best of times. Choosing decorative accessories saves time, makes gardening tasks convenient and adds style to a garden. A hose stand, rack or reel is great for holding the hose in a neat coil. You can wind the hose easily by simply turning a crank handle. C ut down on garden clutter by storing hoses in hose pots. A h ose guide is great to maneuver it safely and easily. Placed at intervals the stakes allow hoses to run smoothly, guided along desired paths. An excellent accompaniment to decorative garden hose accessories would be stylish and functional sprinklers.
Q: Can you attach the water hose to the kitchen faucet?
It is convenient to attach a garden hose to a kitchen faucet when plants need to be watered. This is especially the case when an outdoor garden hose spigot is not available. Even when a garden spigot is available hot water may be needed. Garden hoses can be easily attached to kitchen faucets that have screw-on tips with the help of a faucet adapter. This is a small adapter that screws onto the faucet and converts the end of the faucet into a male garden hose fitting. The hose screws onto the faucet adapter. Make sure it is screwed on tightly enough so that it forms a watertight seal.

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