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Pistol Nozzles to Mist, Shower, Power Wash Or Soak

Hose nozzles are pretty convenient accessories for watering lawns and gardens more efficiently. You get different types of water hose nozzles that can be round, cylindrical and even shaped like a pistol. Some even come with convenient wands attached to them. With several different settings, you can mist, shower, power wash, or soak – whatever your watering need.

One of the favorites with gardeners is the pistol nozzle. Pistol nozzles are useful for variety of applications and there are many variations to choose from. They are manufactured in an array of materials including the most common metal and nylon. Prices therefore vary according to the material used and the finish.

When you start looking for pistol nozzles look for the best from the lot as the cheaper one can be troublesome to work with, require a lot of maintenance and can cause lots of frustration. Some of the must have feature to look for if your are planning to use the pistol for your lawn care needs are a quality stainless steel or brass tipped nozzle.

Also the pistol nozzle should be easy to adjust from mist to jet. Trigger lock is another feature which you will require for consistent flow of water. And non-slip comfort-grip provides you with better handling of the nozzle while you use it with wet hands. A good pistol nozzle should be quick to connect and should include a water stop.

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