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Shut off Valves – Important Water Hose Accessories

Shut off valves are important components as much used hose accessories. Out of the many options available in the market for shut off valves, brass components are known to provide the highest quality and most durable service to gardeners and are quite popular with garden enthusiasts.

A shut off valve helps to start and stop the flow of water while you are watering your garden. Any shut off valve includes a male and female end allowing you to attach your favorite garden nozzle. For the best results while using a shut off valve it should allow a quarter turn of the handle to turn off the water.

The handle of the shut off valve needs to be large and ergonomic so that moving it is easy even when your hands are wet. It is essential watering equipment as it reduces trips to the water spigot which helps you to save time and water. The shut off valve is also known as a shutoff coupling and a hose accessory.

You get single and dual shut off valves that get attached to connectors. Swivel connectors give maximum maneuverability with the hose by allowing the hose to turn where it connects to the spigot. A quick turn of the valve shuts off the water flow so you can turn the water on and off as needed for jobs that don’t require constant water flow. Brass constructed shut off valves can withstand hot water and high water pressure.

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